If you can't find a promised bonus from Ben Murray for a product you bought through Jvzoo,  please use the following steps:

1. First, sign into your Jvzoo customer portal and look for a PDF titled "Ben's Bonuses" or a similar title for the product you purchased. This PDF will have the information needed to access your promised bonuses.

It will look like this:

2. If you don't see this. Then please open a ticket and include the following:

- Name of the Product including proof of your purchase and that Ben was the affiliate. 

To do this log into your customer portal at https://customer.jvzoo.com, click on the product you are requesting the bonus for, and take a picture of the receipt. It will look like this:

If you do not see Ben Murray as the affiliate and Affiliate ID: as 40332, then you were referred by another affiliate. Please get a refund for that purchase and buy again through Ben's link. 

- If you also bought any OTO offers, mention you bought an OTO offer and include the purchase information for the OTO too.  

Please see the video if you are not sure how to do this: https://youtu.be/njgpV4Y0sAY