Please note that Ben Murray and VirtualPioneer is just the affiliate for many marketing products, not the actual vendor. Also, he occasionally acts as a marketing consultant and spokesperson that assists in the launch of a new product (again, not the actual developer). 

If you need support or a refund for a product you bought, please contact the support team for that particular product and their developers. 

Below is a list of current support desks of products Ben has consulted and assisted in the launch of:

VidAgency Ally -

Reddule - 

Vidneos -

Traffic Fresh -

VidCurator FX -

Conjurgram - (We are no longer associated in any way with this developer)

Vidmonial -

Webstation -

Alterzon -

Advisor -

WP Twin or Wp Theme Ultima - 

LeadLock support desk is 

AKBooster support desk is